National Grid Metering

National Grid Metering provides installation and maintenance services to energy suppliers in the regulated market in Great Britain.

We maintain an asset base of over 12m industrial, commercial and residential gas meters whilst looking for ways to continually improve the service for customers and staying at the forefront of innovative technological solutions.

We support two distinct portfolios – high volume, low complexity residential sites to low volume high complexity industrial and commercial; whilst managing a 24/7 contact centre with supplier and consumer queries.

Through our long experience of running large-scale programmes of metering deployment and operation, we know what works; no other company operating in this field is able to demonstrate the same depth and breadth of knowledge.

Our nationwide presence means that our customers are able to benefit immediately from an established infrastructure, supported by 500 staff experienced in all aspects of the provision and management of metering assets and data provision.

Safety is our highest priority and we are proud of our heritage and world class safety record. We consistently review our procedures and protocols to guarantee excellent levels of safety, reliability, security and customer service.


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