Helping you with common Commercial metering questions and enquiries


Helping you with common Commercial metering questions and enquiries

Who do I contact if I smell gas or suspect a carbon monoxide leak?

Please call the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on:

0800 111 999

Additional Advice

  • Open doors and windows to ventilate the property
  • Extinguish all naked flames
  • Don’t smoke or strike matches
  • Don’t turn on or off any electrical switches
  • Keep people away from the area affected

I have a general enquiry regarding my gas meter - who should I contact?

Please contact your gas supplier in the first instance.  However, if they cannot help, then please call our Customer Service Centre on 0121 210 3950.

I don’t know who my gas supplier is?

You can find your gas supplier via the 'Find My Supplier' website, using the link below: 

Alternatively, you can contact the Meter Point Administration helpline on 0870 608 1524.

Can I get gas without a gas supplier?

No.  To use gas, you must by law, have a contract in place with a gas supplier as it’s illegal to use gas without such a contract.

Is it ok to purchase my own gas meter from a 3rd party?

Yes it is, but the Gas Act 1995 requires every consumer of gas to take their supply through a meter that has been approved for billing purposes.

Consequently, while it is not an illegal act to purchase a gas meter, careful consideration should be given to the intended use of the meter.

For example, your gas meter is used to calculate the amount of gas used to enable the gas supplier to bill you. Any interference with a meter to prevent it from recording accurately or to attempt to manipulate the quantity of gas consumed in any way, are criminal offences.

Who owns the gas?

The ownership of gas changes as it moves through the network. In simple terms, gas which is delivered to your property is owned by your gas supplier.

I would like to arrange a new gas connection to my property. 

You can request a new gas connection via your gas supplier, by contacting your local Gas Transporter, or by contacting our Siteworks Team on:
Tel: 0121 210 3763
More information on our Siteworks product can be found here.

I would like to permanently remove the gas connection and meter from my property.

The removal of your gas meter can be arranged through your existing gas supplier or by contacting our Siteworks Team on:
Tel: 0121 210 3763
More information on our Siteworks product can be found here.

Once the meter has been removed, the permanent removal of a gas supply from your property can be arranged by contacting your local Gas Transporter.

I would like to move my gas meter to another location within my property.

You can contact your local Gas Transporter for more information on meter relocation or alternatively by contacting National Grid Metering’s Siteworks Team on:
Tel: 0121 210 3763

The meter box at my property is broken and needs repair or replacement.

The meter box is the responsibility of the property owner, therefore any spares or replacements need to be sourced and paid for by them.

Meter boxes can be purchased through the local Gas Transporter or from builder’s merchants and specialist hardware suppliers.

Who do I contact if I wish to use National Grid Metering to provide Meter Asset Management (MAM) services?

Please send your enquiry to: 

How is my data managed?

Where National Grid Metering (NGM) act as 'Data Controller', please refer to the Privacy Policy link at the footer of this page.  There will be some circumstances in which NGM will act as a 'Data Processor' on behalf of Gas Suppliers. For more information on how your data is collected by your Gas Supplier please visit their website.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

Providing a consistent and excellent customer service is vitally important to us and at the heart of everything we do.  If you are unhappy with any part of our services, then we want to know about it and do our best to put things right. Contact Us

General advice regarding your gas meter and moving property

  • When you move out of a property, note the meter reading and inform your supplier of the reading and that you moved out on a specific date.
  • When you move into a new property, write down the meter reading and contact whoever you wish to supply your gas. Explain you have just moved into this property, on this given date, provide the meter reading and explain that you would like them to supply your gas; the gas supplier will do the rest. Contact the present gas supplier (if different) and National Grid that they are the new supplier to this address and gas meter with MPRN. (Meter point reference number)
  • They will ask for a meter point reference number which can be found on the gas meter.
  • If you phone a gas supplier and they are not the present gas supplier for that property they should advise you to call the MRN number telephone number 0870 608 1524, which will provide people with a MRN and or the present gas supplier. *This call will cost 7 per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.
  • If you move into a property and have NOT been billed for your gas usage, the gas supplier will charge any back dated charges to the present occupier unless you can prove when you moved into the property, or they may try to find the previous occupier. Hence the importance of taking the meter reading and informing the gas supplier you are moving out or have just moved in.