Sub meters

Enabling consumers to manage gas consumption at a localised level.

Sub meters

Enabling consumers to manage gas consumption at a localised level.

Sub Meters

As with our fiscal settlement meters, we can purpose this technology in other ways, enabling consumers to manage gas consumption at a localised level.



All our gas installations are designed individually using customer requirements, some of these include:

  • Load requirements – the amount of gas the installation needs to provide to the site
  • Location – this could be internal or external in a compound or custom housing
  • Space availability – some locations available are small which can affect the design


Meter Types

A variety of different gas meter options with specific characteristics covering all pressure tiers in the UK:

  • Diaphragm – designed for smaller loads, very reliable
  • Rotary – handles varying loads, very popular for small and mid-size businesses
  • Turbine – designed for higher load requirements and for supplies which are on 24/7
  • Ultrasonic – very accurate metering and compact design


Accuracy (OFMAT testing)

All our meters are tested in our testing facility in Loughborough before we put assets into our procurement lines, we ensure:

  • The asset is accurate and functions safely
  • The condition is suitable for use ensuring no unseen damage
  • Current industry guidelines are met in regards to range of operation (tolerance)

We also provide testing on a customer’s request if they have issues with their asset and current pressures being provided.



We have varying amounts of maintenance which covers all ranges of our installations and asset types, these ensure:

  • All asset types are functioning as expected for the customer and consumer and reduce risk of failure
  • There are no conditional concerns due to age over time
  • The original specifications provided by the customer are maintained

We have an ongoing internal review process which allows us to reduce or increase frequency of the maintenance activities to ensure that the consumers supply is maintained.


Safety Health & Environment

We pride ourselves on being safe and never stop striving to be WORLD CLASS in this area; our main priority is keeping people safe, whether that’s our own people, our contractors or members of the public. Therefore, managing work safely and in an environmentally responsible way is central to everything we do.

We continue to foster the belief across our business that all accidents can be avoided and actively encourage our employees to make a more positive impact on their wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around them. We aim to protect and enhance the environment, always seeking new and innovative ways to lighten the environmental impact of our past, present and future activities.